Goombah Day 2

Goombah Day 2

One thing about Goombah’s free music downloads recommendations: If you don’t download check them out, you don’t lose them. They stay in your queue. For someone who uses it often, this is a good thing. For those who procrastinate (aka, me), it can lead to a very long line of music waiting to be downloaded. Sure, I could skip a few songs and try to catch up, but the point of Goombah is discovering new music. Skipping the unknown is contrary to discovery.

Update: Just to clarify, there is a difference between Goombah’s free music downloads and Goombahs’ recommendations. While I wanted to mention the free downloads, the great majority of these Goombah posts focus on the recommendations. Not the free music. The recommendations. I hope that clears up any confusion.

I should also note that Goombah has an adventurous setting, which slides from Low to High. The higher the setting, the more “adventurous” the recommendation. Mine is currently set dead center, which was the default at the time I installed it.

Here are the second 10 recommendations from Goombah. Out of these, we have 8 artists, 2 of which I’ve heard of or am familiar with, so that’s a good percentage of new artists.

Fear Before The March of Flames - Lycanthropy (Amazon) This is decent background noise. The vocals are too low in the mix, which can be more than a little annoying if you care about lyrics. These guys almost remind me of The Electric Hellfire Club during the 1% of the time they didn’t suck. Or Linkin Park when they do. Hmmm. A good EHC or a bad LP. Either way you slice it, that’s not good. Goombah: 0, Pessimism: 1.

Everything At Once - Find My Own Place (Amazon) These guys have a solid sound. It’s fairly typical Top-40-friendly heavy metal along the lines of Nickelback. They sound like a band I’ve heard before, but I can’t recall the name. Obviously it made a big impression on me. This song doesn’t suck and, while I don’t see myself ever purchasing this, it’ll stay in my library. Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 1.

Orenda Fink - No Evolution (Amazon) If it’s possible to simultaneously be both airy and earthy, this is. It’s slow and light, and something of a welcome break after 4 hours of crunching metal. This is not something I typically enjoy, but I do like this song. Maybe it’s a mood thing. Goombah: 2, Pessimism: 1.

Linda Perry - In Flight (Amazon, ) Yes, it’s the same Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes. I love 4 Non Blondes. As an interesting side note, at the time they broke up, Linda wanted to take the band in more experimental direction. The remainder of the band disagreed. They broke up. If this song is any indication of the “experimental direction”, I’m glad they did. I really wanted to love this song. I do not. I like it and maybe it’ll grow on me. I do love Linda’s voice though, and that’s what saves the song. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 1.

The Jesus Lizard - Boilermaker (Amazon) I’ve heard of this band but am not familiar with their music. The music on this song is somewhat disjointed and the vocals do nothing for me. This is the kind of song that would live forever on my iPod and I’d hit the skip button every time it started playing. I’m deleting it now. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 2.

The Jesus Lizard - Fly On The Wall (Amazon) Because you can never have enough Jesus Lizard. I guess. I’m pretty sure this is same vocalist from the previous song. The music flows much better. The vocals still don’t do much for me. Maybe I’m being too critical, but I’m not digging the Lizard. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 3.

Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham - Ginger Snaps (And Sugar Winks) (Amazon) The first few measures has a 70’s porn feel to it. Amazingly, it goes down from there. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 4.

Bitch and Animal - Croquet (Amazon) Hip-Hop/Rap is not the genre for me. Granted, I love Run DMC but they’re pretty much the exception to the rule. These guys fall squarely within the rule. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 5.

State Far Better - Million Miles These guys are apparently going head-to-head with Everything At Once for the Nickelback audience. It’s not bad and it’s not good, but it’s enjoyable. Goombah: 4, Pessimism: 5.

Fear Before The March of Flames - Lycanthropy (Amazon) Yeah, these guys again. I still don’t like them. Goombah: 4, Pessimism: 6.

Running Totals Goombah: 12 (60%) Pessimism: 8 (40%)

Well, as I mentioned on Day 1, recommendations usually suck and I expected Goombah to eventually end up around 50/50. That prediction is looking optimistic at this point.