Goombah Day 1

Goombah Day 1

I’ve been playing with Goombah for the past couple of months.

Wait. Start again.

I installed Goombah a couple of months ago and have only gotten around to playing with it today. Much better. According their website:

Goombah analyzes your iTunes collection and matches you to the 20 members with the most similar taste - your own tastemakers.

  • Music is recommended from matching members’ collections based on your library, playlists, or any mix.

  • Browse entire libraries of members and friends.

  • Download free, legal MP3s from emerging and established artists targeted to your taste.

  • Discover new music and old favorites from our user- driven music catalog of more than 5 million tracks.

That’s a fair enough description. Once installed, Goombah scans your library and then begins making recommendations. My past experience says recommendations usually aren’t very dependable. Granted, Nightwish and Trail of Tears fall in the same genre, but it’s very easy to like Nightwish and not like Trail of Tears. The latter is much heavier and course while the former is far more approachable. People who hate death metal can love Nightwish, but you need to have a certain appreciation of death metal to truly enjoy Trail of Tears. And just because I enjoy Trail of Tears does not mean that I care for Lamb of God at all.

So, how did Goombah do? All in all, not bad. Actually, Goombah scored incredibly well. Although I’d only heard of one band they recommended, I found 8 bands which I’d never heard of and really enjoyed. Here’s an overview of the first 10 recommendations I received.

Ten Benson - Tits Yes, as God as my witness, this is their first recommendation. And it’s the number one reason I’ve put off testing Goombah as long as I have. I’ve never heard of Ten Benson and the song title is a little off-putting. However, this is fun stuff. It really is. I immediately had Lori listen to it and she enjoyed it too. It’s probably not for everyone, but if you enjoy good rock and roll combined with a decent level of humor, these guys are for you. This is going on my “to buy” list. Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 0.

Fahrenheit - Pieces This is a fairly straightforward, easy listening rock song. I can’t see myself buying this, much less listening to it too often. The harmonies are good and it’s got a decent hook, but it’s too soft for my tastes. They remind me of the Goo Goo Dolls, and not in the good way. For the most part, it’s bland, middle-of-the-road rock. Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 1.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Euro-Freak Hustle The only reason I can think of that this dropped into my recommendations is because I own the song Sex on Wheelz, which happens to be the only song from these guys I’ve ever come close to enjoying. If you can call it that. I’ve owned the song for approximately 6 months and it has a play count of 1. So there ya go. Euro-Freak Hustle makes me want to cry. Goombah: 1, Pessimism: 2.

The Masons - The Craze This is actually some fairly good rock and roll. It has a rap quality which reminds me of Faith No More. The chorus is a little thrown together, and I’m not really sure that the song is supposed to mean anything. It’s just fun rock and roll. Goombah: 2, Pessimism: 2.

Justin Trevino - Where Were You This is a country song and ended up in my recommendations because I have a ton of Buck Owens. If you like real country music, this is good stuff. There are still a lot of people making music like this, but good luck finding them. Goombah: 3, Pessimism: 2.

Bob Melanson - Cruisin’ 52 This is some serious guitar boogie, not something I’m particularly fond of given there are no vocals. But there’s no escaping this one. It’s good, quality rock and roll and a definite keeper. Goombah: 4, Pessimism: 2.

Hot One - Do The Coup D’etat As a general rule, songs with French words in the title suck. But these guys are some decent metal. It’s heavy crunch with a chorus from planet Mars. It’d be easy to over-analyze the song, so I’ll just note that I like it and leave it alone. Goombah: 5, Pessimism: 2.

Lisa Miller - The Funeral Piano and some background effects. 57 seconds running time. Gorgeous. Goombah: 6, Pessimism: 2.

Aine Minogue - Spereed Holvedal (Spirit of the World) No, she’s not the ugly, unknown sister of Kylie. The name appears to be pure coincidence. This is slow, airy, and fairly typical Celtic New Age stuff. I really don’t know where this recommendation came from. Still, it’s peaceful and relaxing. I like it. Guess there’s no accounting for taste. Goombah: 7, Pessimism: 2.

Seemless - Cast No Shadow Metal, baby. Good metal, too. They remind me of Drowning Pool on their Sinner album. Goombah: 8, Pessimism: 2

Well. That’s surprising. Out of 10 recommendations, only 2 were flops. That’s an 80% success rate. I’m sure, over time, that’ll slide closer to 50%, but for now I’m sticking with these guys. 80% out of the gate is impressive enough to keep me coming back for a while.