Namesys For Sale

Namesys For Sale

Wired News writes:

Hans Reiser, the prominent Bay Area Linux programmer charged with murdering his wife, says he’s seeking to sell off his open-source file system company, Namesys, to help pay mounting legal costs.

I used reiserfs some time back but never really saw the benefits over ext3. Granted, this was on my home server. I’m sure reiserfs has its benefits. I just never saw them.

This whole story is freakish to me, though. It’s hard enough to get open source inside a die-hard Windows shop. Stuff like this does not help.

Update: Yeah, ok. That sounds a little uncaring about the “dead” lady. But with only a couple of drops of blood and no body, do we automatically assume she’s dead? I had a bloody nose once and, leaving something of a mess in the bathroom, left for the office. When I came home that evening, my wife hadn’t been arrested. At least I don’t think she had been. Maybe she made bail before I got home. My point is that Reiser’s wife could be giving physicals to ladies in the former U.S.S.R. as I type this. There’s more on this odd case at Wikipedia.

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