At Least They Got A T-Shirt

At Least They Got A T-Shirt

Why do so many people have a problem with the fact that the MacHeist organizers made so much money? They had an idea, they developed a plan, they found software developers who were willing to participate, they implemented the plan, they put forth the effort to get thousands of people involved, they coordinated and funded the entire effort, and they made money.

Welcome to capitalism.

Why do people have issues with this? Because of MacHeist, $200,000 is being donate to charity. The developers who participated are getting paid according to the agreement they voluntarily entered. And the people who had the idea, coordinated and planned, the people who made it happen, are making some good money. What’s the issue? Why do we need some best-guestimate as to how much money they made?

If it’s such a big issue, it can be prevented in the future. All that’s necessary is for the Mac development community to ban together and refuse to participate in any future business ventures of this type. Maybe they could develop a board of overseers who would approve all product pricing and promotions.

When is the last time the Mac developers did anything, independently or otherwise, which resulted in so much being given to charity? Hell, any development community for that matter.

  • This is slightly unfair. I placed my order for 2 t-shirts from Daring Fireball on 11/14/2006 around 11:00PM. Although I haven’t received them yet, I only sent a status request a few minutes ago. Daring Fireball continues to receive my highest respect and will continue to receive money for my yearly subscription as long as I can afford it.