Exchange Training Days 2-4

Exchange Training Days 2-4

Wow, I really meant to blog this better but there hasn’t been too much to talk about. For the most part, the class could easily be retitled Exchange 2003 For Babies. Although the instructor is certainly capable of getting just about as detailed as I’d like, the course is geared more toward the first-time Exchange admin. I emailed my boss a couple of other courses that I’d like to attend, but given his complete and total lack of response, I’m not holding my breath. I missed out on a fairly substantial amount of training yesterday because I was working on some issues at the office.

Tuesday morning was good, but the afternoon through lunch today was pretty boring. I know how to install and configure Outlook and I’m probably never going to be creating custom forms for public folders. It’s nice to know the capability is there, but spending half a day on it is overkill.

This afternoon we started on routing groups and security, which really piqued my interest. Tomorrow should be more of the same, so hopefully it’ll go well. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to miss the final lab if I’m going to make my flight out of here. I’ve been getting up at 6:00AM every morning, getting around, and then spending about an hour drinking coffee and getting caught up on the news. It’s been a pleasant routine. Unfortunately, I’ll most likely spend that time getting packed and checked out of the hotel tomorrow.

Oh, and I got lost again today. On the drive home, no less. I have no idea where I went wrong, but I ended up quite a ways from the hotel.

Rich is coming to pick me up and take me to a decent CD store in a little while, then we’re heading to his house for pizza. I’ve yet to set eyes on a music store, so I appreciate the pity.

Baring any further disasters, here’s the final numbers:

  • Lost: 3
  • Locked out: 1
  • E. coli: 0 (yay)