Exchange Training Day 1

Exchange Training Day 1

So, I made it to Dallas in one piece, survived a massive traffic jam at Texas Stadium, and got to the hotel within the hour of climbing into the rental car. Not bad.

I was up and moving at 6:00AM, figuring that I’d need to allot “I’m lost” time and I was right. The training center is located close to the point that West John Carpenter turns into East John Carpenter and if (like me) you’re not watching closely, you’ll zip right past the place. Once I figured out that I was on East and needed to be on West, it was easy enough to sort out. But, lost is lost.

The guy who’s teaching the class is an odd duck. He’s a really cool guy, don’t misunderstand, but he’s got the market on idiosyncratic locked up. He used to work for Microsoft and has been working on Exchange since the first version was in beta. He lives on 160 acres in B.F.E., up north in Washington state close to the Canadian border. The house has no electricity. His wife teaches wilderness survival courses on their property. I’m assuming that she acquired this knowledge out of sheer necessity. But he knows his stuff and he’s not pompous about it. He’s quick to laugh and very patient. An all-around cool guy.

Today we covered migrating from 5.5 to 2003, which was basically a this is how we go to where we are lesson for me. There’s only seven guys in the class (yes guys, i.e., all male), so we each have our 2003 server to play with. I made short work of the exercises, so he let me cut out around 3:30, which gave me time to go looking for a music store.

Which I never found. Wtf is up with this place? There’s no logic or sense of planning in the layout. Shopping centers just magically appear in the middle of residential areas. I’d be willing to bet that there’s a decent music store within 3 blocks of me, but I’ll damned if I can find it. So I gave up and headed back to the hotel.

And got lost again. Pathetic.

Around 6:00PM, I figured I’d better eat something. I hit the Domino’s Pizza button conveniently programmed and labeled on the phone in my room, but it was continually busy. And not the slow, steady busy signal that means the phone is in use. It was that fast, annoying sound that means you’ve entered an invalid number. So, with two hell, I’m lost’s already in the bag, I set out to find something to eat.

Taco Bell, baby. Yes, in the face of the Great E. coli Scare of 2006, I threw caution to the wind and went for broke. And yes, folks, I made it back to the hotel without getting lost. Thank you.

Feeling confident and more sure of myself, I strode across the parking lot. And with every step, I moved slower and less secure. I patted my pockets. Front. Back. Front. Back again.

I left my room key in the room. I was locked out. Dammit.

So, as Day 1 crawls to a close, here’s the tally to-date:

  • Lost: 2
  • Locked out: 1
  • E. coli: 0