Trackpad for Idiots, Part 1

Trackpad for Idiots, Part 1

Sometimes the answer is so simple you can spend weeks looking for it. In my case, I’ve been struggling with the trackpad on my MacBook Pro. The one thing I use often is the right click on the mouse. I use it almost constantly in Firefox and it’s a very common click in Windows. Still, the MacBook Pro has the trackpad and one button. Which drives me nuts. And my Google-fu hasn’t turned up anything useful.

So I was browsing around the System Preferences today when I stumbled across the following in the Keyboard & Mouse pref pane:

11 14 tap Track

Hmmm, thought I, could “secondary click” equate to “right mouse click”? Yes. Yes it does. By checking that box, I can now simply tap the tackpad with two fingers and it equates to a right-click.

And the angels did sing.