Textmate 2.0 to Require Leopard

Textmate 2.0 to Require Leopard

Over at the TextMate blog, Allan has announced that TextMate 2.0 will require OS X Leopard. While I don’t really consider this much of an issue (after all, Leopard is going to make many cool features possible), a lot of people are having issues with it. For my part, I’ll be upgrading to Leopard as soon as possible but I know that’s not possible for everyone. Some people are still running Panther. Allan has a good list of reasons supporting his decision:

  1. Time spent debugging (and sometimes making workarounds for) issues only present on the older OS version.

  2. Time spent implementing stuff that Apple offers for free on the new version of the OS.

  3. Not being able to make use of features only present on latest version of the OS when it’s too impractical to conditionally make use of them.

  4. Code complexity, because it needs to do different things on different versions of the OS.

Allan feels these benefits far outweigh any decrease in the customer-base, and I guess he’d know best about that. Still, there are those aren’t too happy with the decision:

I like my Mac but I don’t give a damn about Apple and their stupid codenames and incremental upgrades. I won’t switch from Panther to Leopard just for the sake of giving you another 39 €.

Funny, considering that TextMate 2.0 will be a free upgrade.