Allchin Inadvertently Praises Linux

Allchin Inadvertently Praises Linux

ZDNet has an interview with Jim Allchin (co-president of Microsoft’s platforms and services business) wherein Allchin inadvertently praises Linux.

Q: You say you’ve learned a lot from the whole Longhorn/Vista development process. Could you share some of these lessons?

Allchin: What you really want to do is componentize (sp), get the stuff done, make sure you understand the dependencies, easy as one, two, three. But you need to understand those dependencies and then you put the pieces together. And without that, your ability to build large, complicated products – could be cars or operating systems or whatever – it doesn’t scale.

So you’ve got to get it down to components that you really can thoroughly understand and make sure you understand the dependencies so you’re not building them on a quicksand-ish or shaky foundation.

Um … he’s talking about modules. Linux has been doing this for years and it works like a charm. Microsoft is just figuring this out? If you’ve ever had to reboot Windows, it’s obvious that they haven’t figured out the module thing.